Simple At Home Stretches For Neck Pain Relief

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If you’re suffering from tight-slash-painful neck muscles from sitting hunched over your computer or phone, a few simple at home neck stretches can help. These stretches are easy to do at home or on the job. They can help you get rid of neck pain and improve your posture. 

Side Stretch 

One of the best at home stretches for neck pain relief is the side stretch. It is great for all types of neck pain, including a common case of headaches or whiplash. You can do this while standing, sitting, working, cleaning, driving or on a train or plane. It is also easy to do without equipment or space, making it a great do-anywhere exercise for quick relief of neck tightness. While sitting up straight, lean your right hand to the left and slowly lower your head until you feel a stretch in your neck. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds. 

Tilt Your Head 

Tilting your head can be one of the easiest at home stretches for neck pain relief. It helps to combat the forward head lean and rounded shoulder sitting position we often fall into when we sit for long periods of time. Start by keeping your chin tucked down slightly and moving your head slowly backward until it is pulled back as far as you can without straining or feeling any pain. Repeat this stretch 10 times in each direction, two times a day. 

Roll Your Head To Each Side 

If your neck is particularly stiff, try rolling it to the right side 20 times. Then repeat on the left side. This exercise is easy to do while standing or sitting and can help relieve pain. It can be performed anytime, day or night. To perform this exercise, start in a sitting or standing position and lower your chin toward the chest. Gently tip your head to the right and then slowly roll it backwards. This is a very gentle movement and should only be done if you have a good range of motion in your neck. If you feel discomfort during this movement, stop and consult a physical therapist or chiropractor. 

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