Total Body Wellness

Physical Therapy Clinic Napa County, CA

Correcting body mechanics and healing injuries are enhanced with good food nutrition and nutritional supplementation when needed. Our physical therapists can guide you on this road, with Christina Leisen, DPT, Certified Applied Clinical Nutritionist leading the way with specialized certifications in nutrition and supplementation.

Functional Nutrition

Functional medicine is an integrative approach to healthcare that emphasizes identifying and addressing the root causes of illness rather than merely treating symptoms. Functional nutrition plays a crucial role by focusing on individualized dietary plans to support optimal health. Additionally, the morphogenic field technique is employed to analyze the body’s energetic patterns, aiding in the assessment of a patient’s health and determining personalized supplement regimens. This holistic methodology aims to promote overall well-being by considering the interconnectedness of various bodily systems.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Napa County, CA

We provide several physical therapy and rehabilitation services that fall under the wellness umbrella of our practice, supporting those who are not seeking treatment under a specific medical diagnosis, but rather are interested in optimizing their health, wellness or sports performance through physical rehabilitation in Napa County, CA.

QuickCheck–Brief Assessment by a licensed Physical Therapist

Have an ache, pain or question about your health and wellness and wish you had some authoritative advice? Drop in for a QuickCheck and for 30 bucks get the answers you need about whether or not to seek further treatment from a doctor or a PT and get moving in the direction you want to go…Forward!

Focus on Fitness consultation and development

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic in Napa County, CA is available to our clients who prefer a therapeutic atmosphere for their fitness activities. Our aerobic equipment, exercise and balance mats, therapeutic balls, and Hoist resistance equipment are at your disposal for a nominal charge of $35 per month.

If you are new to the clinic or if you are interested in optimizing your fitness training through physical rehabilitation in Napa County, CA elsewhere, a 1-hour consult, and initial program development is just $100.

Physical Therapy Clinic Napa County, CA

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Supplies

We offer for sale:

  • Foam Rollers
  • Shoulder Pulleys
  • Gym Balls
  • Cervical Pillows
  • RockTape
  • Therabands
  • Theraballs
  • SuperFeet
  • BodyMed Cold Pack
  • La Crosse Balls
  • And more…