Swimming and Joint Health

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Joint issues are a common problem people deal with every day. Causes can include injuries, long-term physical activity, osteoarthritis, or simple aging. Joint problems can make exercising very difficult, which in turn can cause your joint issues to become worse due to a lack of motion and a decrease in your overall physical condition. Exercising can make your joints feel better, and finding the right joint pain exercises can improve your overall health. The challenge is finding an exercise that is both effective and low impact. Among the options for people with joint conditions, swimming offers many benefits. Exercise-based swimming benefits include the following.

Three Reasons Swimming Is a Good Exercise If You Have Joint Issues

  1. Swimming Is Low Impact: A key issue with traditional workouts and your joints is the impact. Common exercises such as running or weight-lifting may put too much pressure on your joints for you to do them effectively. With swimming, you are floating in the water, which removes the impact of gravity and downward force on your joints. Swimming allows you to have a good workout without putting too much pressure on your body. This makes swimming ideal if you have joint issues, have mobility problems, or are recovering from an injury.
  2. Swimming Increases Circulation to Your Joints: With joint issues, the lack of activity can make the condition worse. You want to increase your cardio and improve blood circulation. While your joints may not be able to handle a several-mile run, a swim is far easier to manage. This increased circulation to your joints can reduce negative symptoms, make normal movement easier, encourage healing, and make your overall condition easier to manage. 
  3. Swimming Gives You Better Range of Motion: Joint ailments often greatly reduce your range of motion and mobility. Swimming can help improve your mobility and increase your range of motion. The tightness and pain you feel in your joints are a result of not just your medical ailments, but also a lack of use. Swimming is an effective way to stretch your joints and engage in physical activity. In addition, the warm water in many pools often has a therapeutic effect. Swimming has been long used in physical therapy and recovery from various injuries. Regular swimming helps keep you flexible, more mobile, and in better health.

Final Thoughts

One of the major challenges with any workout program is finding exercises that work for you. Injuries, the passage of time, and simply daily living can make some exercises difficult to do and even harmful. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work out or stay in good shape. If your joints have limited your workout options, swimming provides a way to stay in shape and also improve your joint health.

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