Benefits of a Shoulder Pulley

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Is your shoulder giving you problems? Does it affect how you sleep or how you perform everyday tasks like putting on a jacket, buckling a seatbelt or brushing your hair? You may be able to get some relief from physical therapy. One of the tools a physical therapist may use is a shoulder pulley.

This device can do a lot to help relieve long-term shoulder pain. It can be part of a treatment plan to help you return to normal activity with less pain and more range of motion in your shoulder.

What are the purposes of using a shoulder pulley? Read on for the answer and to learn how to use a shoulder pulley.

What is a shoulder pulley?

A shoulder pulley is not a big machine that takes up a whole corner of a room. It is actually a conveniently-sized, over-the-door device that is easy to use. It hooks onto the top of a door and has a pulley system at its top. A rope with handles hangs from the pulley, which you grasp and pull according to your physical therapist’s instructions.

Benefits of using a shoulder pulley

Anyone who has suffered a shoulder injury knows that even a slight, nagging injury to this part of the body can have a big impact on your daily life. It can stop you from participating in recreational activities like sports or working out. And it may also cause pain during regular daily activities like cooking, driving or reaching for something in a tall cabinet.

The cause of this pain may be from a variety of different ailments. Perhaps it’s a frozen shoulder or a pinched nerve. Maybe you are recovering from shoulder surgery. No matter the cause, the main benefit of using a shoulder pulley is decreased pain in your shoulder. This will go a long way toward getting you back to your regular way of going about life.

Another benefit is extended range of motion and better flexibility. This goes hand in hand with decreased pain, as extending your range of motion and stretching things out can go a long way toward feeling less pain overall. This comes from using the pulley in different ways to improve mobility in your shoulder.

How do you use a shoulder pulley?

There are many different ways to use a shoulder pulley. It’s an incredibly versatile device and can be used to treat a wide variety of shoulder ailments. For example, there are exercises specifically focused on increasing shoulder strength, mobility, flexibility and much more. There are also some more difficult or advanced exercises that you may graduate to after a beginner exercise becomes easy for you and your shoulder.

The best way to know how to use a shoulder pulley is to see a licensed and experienced physical therapist who can assess your condition and give treatment recommendations customized for your body and wellness journey. To make an appointment for your shoulder ailment or any other physical therapy needs, contact Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy today.

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