Must-Have Rehabilitation Equipment for Your Home

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Recovering from an injury or a medical procedure can take a lot of work. In addition to seeing a physical therapist, many patients need to purchase rehabilitation equipment for their homes in Napa County, CA and do exercises on their own time. This post will cover a few of the top pieces of equipment you should own if you’re going through rehabilitation:

  • Foam rollers: Physical therapists recommend foam rollers to relieve muscle soreness, release tension and improve flexibility. Foam rollers can be used after a workout or as part of your rehab program.
  • Shoulder pulleys: Anyone suffering from a shoulder injury or stiffness should start using a shoulder pulley at home. This device can decrease pain and improve shoulder strength and range of motion. With frequent use, a shoulder pulley can help you regain normal function of your arm and shoulder.
  • Gym balls: Patients can use exercise balls in a variety of ways. With proper usage, gym balls can help those in rehab gain core stability and balance, improve flexibility or strengthen muscles throughout the body. Talk to your physical therapist about buying the right size ball for your needs.
  • Cervical pillows: Sleeping with a cervical pillow can help improve your posture while you sleep. These pillows also do wonders when it comes to relieving muscle tension and increasing blood flow, so they’re a must-have when it comes to home rehabilitation equipment in Napa County, CA.
  • TheraBands: Using resistance bands is a great way to stretch and strengthen muscles. Athletes should use them before working out to loosen up, and people in rehab can use them to gain strength without putting too much strain on their muscles.
  • Superfeet: If your feet are constantly sore, it’s time to purchase some Superfeet insoles. These high-quality shoe insoles are known to help with injuries and foot problems like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome and more.

Why purchase from Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy?

Don’t buy your rehabilitation equipment for the home in Napa County, CA just anywhere. Instead, when you visit Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, be sure to pick up the equipment you need to help you heal:

  • Helpful employees: Our team members are committed to helping you find the perfect rehab equipment to feel your best. After your one-hour health consult, our helpful employees can set you up with all of the right equipment to get you back up on your feet.
  • Wide selection: We carry pretty much everything you need to start feeling your best! But if we don’t have just what you’re looking for, we can special order it for you in no time.
  • Fair prices: There’s no reason to break the bank on your rehab equipment. All of our supplies and services are priced to meet any budget. In fact, the initial program development starts at just $100.

Whether you need new shoe inserts or a new set of TheraBands, be sure to buy your home rehabilitation equipment in Napa County, CA from Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. Come in today to get your one-hour health consultation or to check out all of the different products we have for sale.

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