How Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises Can Alleviate Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Chronic lower back pain is a widespread medical issue that upwards of 80 percent of people experience at some point in their lives. Patients try anything from prescription medications to surgery to address this problem with minimal results. However, for much less than the cost of an ongoing prescription or a medical procedure, simple exercises may be the answer to your persistent pain. In fact, new research shows that pelvic floor muscle exercise in Napa County, CA can alleviate chronic lower back pain.

How do you exercise your pelvic floor muscle?

Some readers might be scratching their heads wondering how pelvic floor muscle exercise in Napa County, CA is even possible. The system of muscles that connect the pubis to the tailbone and ischial tuberosities aren’t exactly in a place that is easy to access, and it’s not like you can lift a weight of any kind with this part of the body.

However, there are a number of different ways to exercise your pelvic floor muscle. Simple squats or bridges are a great way to work out your pelvic floor muscle along with other parts of your body. The most common way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle is the squeeze and release method, which was recently studied by a team of medical experts.

The impact of exercising your pelvic floor muscle

In a recent study published by the Journal of International Medical Research, a team of scientists examined how exercises specifically designed for the pelvic floor muscle could address chronic lower back pain. Their findings revealed some very interesting information.

Over a period of 24 weeks, patients in the control group underwent routine treatments for their lower back pain: ultrasonography, short wave diathermy and lumbar strengthening exercises. The intervention group spent those 24 weeks undergoing the same routine treatments with the addition of this squeeze and release method of exercising the pelvic floor muscle.

The exercise the intervention group did was simply contracting the pelvic floor muscle for six seconds, followed by resting for six seconds, resulting in five contraction cycles per minute. During the first few weeks of the study, the number of contraction cycles per session increased. The first week, patients were to complete 25 cycles per day, equating to five total minutes of exercise. The following week, patients increased to 50 cycles per day, equaling 10 minutes of exercise. A total of 75 cycles or 15 minutes of exercises took place during the third week. Weeks four to 24 required 100 cycles per day, or 20 minutes of exercise intended specifically for the pelvic floor muscle.

Prior to and following the 24-week study, patients were assessed for pain, disability and trunk muscle function. Not surprisingly, patients who were exercising their pelvic floor muscles along with the other routine treatments saw vast improvements to their chronic lower back pain.

If you are experiencing lower back pain and want to try pelvic floor muscle exercise in Napa County, CA, consult a physical therapist familiar with this research and how it can help you. The team of physical therapists at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy is ready to work with you to alleviate your lower back pain. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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