Exercises to Relieve Knee Pain

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When you live in gorgeous Napa Valley, it’s only natural to want to lead an active life. There’s every reason to want to savor the culture and soak up the scenery. Chronic knee pain, however, can make that difficult. Short of physical therapy for knee pain in Napa County, CA, there are some exercises you can do at home to diminish the continuing knee pain.

Stay active, but know your limits

One logical question people with knee pain have is, “Should I continue to exercise?” The answer is a definite and enthusiastic “yes.” Staying active can help reduce the aches and pains that typically accompany injuries post-accident, or even the effects of normal aging. That said, when you’re recuperating, or you begin to notice regular pain when going through your exercise routine, it might be time to slow things down a little bit. Staying active is essential, but when you’re pushing yourself too hard, you may increase your odds of serious injury.

Warm up

Before you jump into the individual exercises, take a walk around the block and be sure to pump your arms as you do. A five- to 10-minute warm-up session will help get the blood flowing, prepare your muscles for exercise and even reduce your risk of injury. Making sure you’re ready to exercise is critical when beginning physical therapy for knee pain in Napa County, CA.

Leg raises

While lying on the floor, bend one knee while keeping the foot flat against the ground. Keep the other leg straight and raise it slowly to the same height as your bent knee. This is an especially effective exercise for those recovering from surgery. Complete three sets of 10.

Prone leg raises

Lie down on your stomach with your legs extended. Alternating between legs, tighten your hamstring and raise your leg as high as it will go. Hold the position for three to five seconds and then lower slowly. Complete 10 to 15 lifts per leg.

Hamstring curls

Either lying down or standing with two hands on a chair, bring your leg backward until your heel touches your butt (or as close as possible). Complete three sets of 15.

Wall squats

Those people more confident in their leg strength can try wall squats. Stand with your shoulders and tailbone against a wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat as low as possible, being sure to keep your back against the wall. Hold at the lowest position for five to 10 seconds. Go for as long as you’re able.

Don’t be a slave to pain

If you find that traditional knee-strengthening exercises aren’t helping with your pain, or you’re recovering from trauma, consider physical therapy for knee pain in Napa County, CA.

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