What You Need to Know About Getting Reflexology at a Health and Wellness Center in Napa County, CA

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When you’re feeling tense, tired and sore, you might schedule an appointment for a massage to target the areas where you’re feeling the most discomfort. While a traditional massage is a wonderful way to relax sore muscles, there are other types of manual physical therapy in Napa County, CA that are work considering.

Reflexology is a technique that targets specific pressure points in order to promote pain alleviation throughout the body. Find out more about how reflexology works and what benefits it might have for you.

How reflexology works

Reflexology is similar to massage in the sense that it involves applying pressure to the body in order to alleviate pain and release tension. The major difference between reflexology and massage is that reflexology is applied to very small, specific areas. Reflexology treatment focuses on pressure points in the hands, feet and ears where there are lots of nerve endings.

When pressure is applied to these nerve endings, it stimulates the body’s central nervous system and indirectly affects major organs and body parts.

What does it actually do?

Reflexology is all about stimulating the body in such a way to elicit a specific response. When pressure is applied to a pocket of nerves in your foot, for example, an electrochemical signal is sent to your central nervous system, and the central nervous system responds by releasing endorphins which alleviate pain and anxiety.

During a reflexology session, many pressure points will be stimulated in succession to encourage the production of more and more endorphins. Eventually, this sensory overload triggers the brain to close pain receptors. When this happens, patients usually feel incredibly relaxed and at-ease.

Why choose reflexology?

This treatment method has proved especially helpful for patients who are recovering from an injury or a surgical procedure. Patients who receive reflexology treatments often report lower levels of pain and many even experience a higher threshold for pain, making their pain symptoms far more manageable.

Alternative treatments like reflexology are crucial since they allow patients to avoid high doses of prescription pain killers which are often accompanied by a while host of negative side effects. Reflexology doesn’t numb pain, but rather uses the body’s chemical composition to stimulate relief naturally.

If you’re hesitant about reflexology or other types of manual physical therapy in Napa County, CA, it’s worth it to set a consultation with a physical therapist. They will be able to explain the specific treatments to you and create a plan to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Try manual physical therapy in Napa County, CA

At Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, we are happy to offer our patients treatment plans that are perfect for them. Whether you’re looking for reflexology, massage, injury rehabilitation or other physical therapy treatments, you can get the quality wellness services you need at our health and wellness center in Napa County, CA.

Our clinic has been serving patients for over a decade and our team of trained physical therapists have extensive backgrounds in holistic health and wellness, to address a wide variety of conditions and concerns. You can book an appointment today by giving us a call.

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