Our Wellness Clinic in Napa County, CA Wants You to Stay Injury-Free This Summer!

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Summer is fun, but it’s also ripe for injury. Long vacations and fitness goals often lead people to push themselves too hard and wind up having to frequent our wellness clinic in Napa County, CA. You want to enjoy your activities this summer—not spend weeks laid up and only leaving your home to receive physical therapy and medical treatment. Here are five tips for an injury-free summer:

  • Admit when you need help: If you are taking up a sport or activity that is new to you or one that you have not performed for a while, consider lessons before you indulge. That perfect backhand you had on the tennis court four years ago may now be a carpal tunnel nightmare waiting to happen. The same is true for a sport like water skiing. If you have not water skied for a while, you may pull shoulder tendons and remain stuck on the boat. Receive instruction for new or long-neglected sports to assure good form and reduce your chances of injury.
  • Partner up: It is always more fun to work out or play sports with a partner. Another reason to find a friend for your activities is safety. Your workout partner can monitor your form and give you a heads-up when you start showing signs of heat exhaustion or fatigue. It is like having someone there to keep you honest and help you put self-care first. Also, if you sustain an injury, you have someone who can get help quickly, which can support a quicker recovery.
  • Prepare: Do not give up your gym workout just because you plan on biking all summer. Your basic workouts help you enjoy your activities more with better fitness. You can strengthen core muscles that support your back and reduce injuries from sports and summer yard work. Learn stretching techniques too, and never start that run, bicycle ride or round of golf without a good warm-up. Many injuries result from patients starting an activity cold before their bodies are ready.
  • Be aware: If your body is telling you it cannot push any further, listen to it. We all understand that you want to be your best, but sometimes, pushing your limits becomes an exercise in sadism. It also results in injuries that can keep you on the couch all summer. That does little for enjoyment or your fitness goals. If something hurts, take a break and see how you feel later.
  • Hydrate: Dehydrated muscles are weak muscles. When you fail to stay hydrated, your muscles pull and cramp easier. Some of these instances may be painful enough to limit your range of motion and leave you vulnerable to additional injuries. Physical therapy can help with many of these conditions, but when prevention is as easy as keeping your water bottle full, you may as well avoid this situation altogether.

Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy offers a fitness center and wellness clinic in Napa County, CA to support your summer sports. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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