Products and Services You Will Find at Our Wellness Clinic in Napa County, CA

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If you’ve never visited a wellness clinic in Napa County, CA before, you might not realize how many products and services are available to you. Whether you seek assistance continuing an exercise program or need a specific supplement, we likely have something ready for you. All you need to do is plan a visit or set up an appointment. Here is what you can find when you visit our wellness center:

  • QuickCheck: If you are not seeking treatment due to a medical diagnosis, but believe you require assistance with optimizing your health, visit our clinic for a QuickCheck. This is a brief assessment by one of our licensed physical therapists to address aches and pains, reduction in athletic performance or any other physical issue that is concerning you. For $20, we can offer answers and inform you about whether you require further treatment from a medical professional. This is a good start to feeling better.
  • Fitness center: People who have suffered injuries or limiting physical conditions frequently prefer continuing their exercise programs in a clinical environment. This often assures safety and the opportunity to work out in a familiar place. Our Focus on Fitness center offers balance mats, therapeutic balls, hoist resistance equipment and aerobic equipment so you can continue your commitment to health. Our monthly fee is only $35 a month, and if you are new to our fitness center, a one-hour consultation and personalized program are available for $100. You are assured a whole body approach that will help you stay well.
  • Supplements: We offer supplements for joint pain, menopause symptoms, osteoporosis, sleep challenges, stress control and general wellbeing. Patients currently in therapy also benefit from anti-inflammatories like Zyflamend. The brands we offer include New Chapter, Shaklee and YogaBody, and our acupuncturist and herbal consultant is available to help you determine which supplements offer you the best benefits. We choose brands based on purity and quality, so you know that when you buy from us, you are receiving the best.
  • Exercise products: You’ve likely used these tools in therapy, and you can buy them in our wellness center. Exervo foam rollers and gym balls help with increasing your range of motion and core strength. If they worked well for you in therapy, chances are, you can continue to get better using them at home. There are also TheraBands available so you can maintain the strength you gained while in recovery.
  • Orthotics: Many back and hip problems arise from bad alignment from ankle to waist. SuperFeet are high quality semi-custom orthotics that optimize foot, ankle, knee, back and hip function. Patients frequently report less pain and better mobility when they start using these products.

Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy offers many options for you at our wellness clinic in Napa County, CA. You can visit as a new patient or arrange for a follow-up at any time to see what else you can do to advance your health. Call or visit today to learn more about our products and services.

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