Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment Plans For Chronic Pain Patients

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Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment Plans For Chronic Pain Patients

Pain can be a serious problem that can take over your life. It affects your physical and emotional well-being, drains your energy and causes you to skip out on activities you once loved. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, a personalized physical therapy treatment plan is important for you. Read on to learn more about the benefits and what to expect from a comprehensive pain treatment plan.

Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapy is a highly personalized form of treatment that works with patients to speed up recovery and prevent injury. It is also non-invasive, unlike surgery. A good physical therapist will spend time with each patient to understand their condition, level of activity and goals before designing a personalized plan. This helps ensure that the patient will receive a more comprehensive and successful treatment program. This model of care is important for PT patients with chronic pain because it allows the therapist to build a stronger relationship with each patient and track their progress in real-time. This can also reduce the number of sessions needed and help therapists better track adherence and improve results. Another benefit of this type of care is that it encourages patient engagement at home. This can be further enhanced through patient engagement platforms like AC Health, which enable therapists to set personalized reminders to help patients follow their treatment plan and progress.

What Might Be Expected?

Chronic pain is a common and global health issue. It can take a toll on a person’s life and quality of work, impacting their relationships and mental well-being. Physical therapists can help patients reduce their pain, improve mobility and function, and prevent future injuries or disability. The CDC recommends physical therapy as the first line of treatment for people suffering from chronic pain. When a patient attends PT, the therapist will conduct an evaluation to determine postural alignment, muscle tone, sensation, walking pattern, range of motion, and strength. This information will be used to develop a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s unique needs. The therapist will ask about your lifestyle, medical history, and other pertinent information during the consultation. This helps to build a strong relationship between you and the therapist. It also helps to better understand your pain and the best ways to help you reach your goals.

Additional Benefits

A personalized physical therapy plan is a treatment plan created to meet each patient’s unique needs. It’s designed with their medical history, prominent symptoms, movement goals and lifestyle factors in mind. During each session, a physical therapist will focus on improving your range of motion, strengthening and stretching exercises. This ensures that you’re receiving a complete, comprehensive approach to your rehabilitation. The therapist will also educate you about your specific pain and what is needed to treat it. Patients who understand their pain and treatments tend to be more engaged with the process. Using a personalized approach, a physical therapist can also uncover hidden issues that might be contributing to your discomfort and putting you at risk for future injury. By identifying shortened muscles, scar tissue, range-of-motion restrictions, muscular activation issues, poor ergonomics and body mechanics, postural abnormalities and other problems that may be contributing to your pain, a physical therapist can design an effective plan to treat the root cause of your condition.

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