The Importance of Stretching and Flexibility for Physical Therapy Patients

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Physical therapy is a crucial part of the healing process for many injuries. Being able to stretch and flex can make all the difference in the ability of the patient to do the exercises that are being asked of them. There are so many benefits to stretching, and knowing what they are can help you realize just how important stretching and flexibility are.

What Are the Benefits of Stretching?

When our muscles are at rest they are less elastic than when were actively moving and doing things. Stretching can help to improve the overall elasticity of your muscles, ligaments and tendons, making it easier for you to move around, for you to do the things you love, and for you to be able to complete physical therapy exercises that might be expected of you.

Stretching is also great for the mind and the body. It helps you to relax, to prepare for what you have to do, and to be able to complete any exercises that you might need to be able to do. As we age, we tend to lose our flexibility, and we have to work harder to complete movements that we were able to when we were younger. Stretching can help you to really get that flexibility up and to really move more.

Can Physical Therapy Help with Flexibility?

Physical therapy can certainly help with increasing flexibility and mobility as well. It can work for injuries that have limited your mobility or your flexibility, recovery after surgery or after any sort of treatment, and can also help with those that have simply lost their mobility as a result of age and other dispositions.

The right physical therapy can help make it possible for you to get up and move again, it can help you do more and help you be able to exercise, and it can do so safely. With the help of a great physical therapist, you can learn some great exercises that can help improve your injury and your life as a whole. Physical therapy is meant to help you get back to where you were prior to an injury and help to improve the overall quality of your life for the better.

Though it might not seem terribly important to some, it can make such a huge difference in the lives of those who use it properly.


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