How to Soothe and Mitigate Arthritis

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Arthritis is a condition that a multitude of people have to deal with on a daily basis. One of the worst things about arthritis is the pain that goes along with it. This pain is usually caused by joint inflammation and can range in severity. Arthritis pain can inhibit a lot of daily activity and make even the smallest tasks extremely difficult to complete.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to achieve arthritis hand pain relief, which we discuss below.

The different stages of arthritis

Minor, mild, moderate and severe are the four different stages of arthritis. Stage 1, or minor arthritis, involves minor joint injuries. Those experiencing stage 1 arthritis don’t usually experience much pain, if any at all. Patients start experiencing more constant aches and pains during stage 2. During the mild arthritis stage, patients may need a knee brace and may show noticeable bone spurs.

In stage 3, cartilage from the arthritic area begins to erode, which often results in joint inflammation. Those suffering from moderate arthritis usually have a hard time doing normal activities without experiencing some pain. In stage 4, the patient experiences a lot of pain and is likely missing most of the cartilage from the affected area. There could also be an overgrowth of bone spurs.

Ways arthritis can affect daily life

Certain daily activities are more difficult for those experiencing arthritis. For example, those with arthritis of the hand might have trouble doing tasks like opening jars and writing. If you’re experiencing arthritis of the knee, you may have trouble climbing stairs, kneeling or exercising. Arthritis could affect how you perform housework, travel or even eat.

Managing arthritis pain

If you’re wondering how to relieve arthritis pain, it’s important to know you have options—no matter if you’re looking for arthritis hand pain relief, knee-pain relief or relief for any other part of the body. Regular physical activity can help reduce pain and stress levels. When doing physical activity with arthritis, it’s important to start slow and practice safety precautions like stretching. Be sure to do activities that are easier on the joints, including yoga, swimming and cycling.

Another great way to help alleviate arthritis pain is by routinely seeing an occupational or physical therapist. These professionals are trained in many different methods that could help those suffering from arthritis. These methods can include therapeutic massage, gentle stretching, gentle strengthening, fluidotherapy and electrical stimulation. A good physical therapist will easily find which methods work best for you.

Speak with a physical therapist

If you’re looking to alleviate arthritis pain, it’s best to speak with a physical therapist as soon as possible. They could quickly schedule you for an appointment to determine what type of treatment you need. After receiving your diagnosis, you can start seeing a physical therapist on a regular basis for treatment. It’s important to work with an experienced physical therapist who understands your needs and can help you learn how to relieve arthritis pain. It’s also a good idea to find someone that specializes in many different physical therapy methods.

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