Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

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If you suffer from vestibular disorder, you may be able to find relief from your symptoms with vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Napa County, CA. Your local physical therapy experts can provide this therapy to reduce dizziness and help you start to function normally again. Here’s what you need to know.

What it is

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy, or VRT, is a unique type of physical therapy. It is an exercise-based treatment program that is designed to retrain the central nervous system. It encourages adaption of the vestibular system to adjust to the dysfunction and restore balance.

Goals of VRT

There are four goals of vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Napa County, CA:

  1. Reduce vertigo (so you don’t feel dizzy)
  2. Enhance postural stability (so you can stand up properly)
  3. Enhance gaze stability (so you can focus)
  4. Improve daily living activities (so you can perform regular, day-to-day tasks)

Key exercises

When you undergo vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Napa County, CA, your therapist will take you through several common exercises. Key exercises include head-eye movements—maintaining balance while orienting the head and trunk in various positions—and performing movements with various body postures.

Positive outcomes

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Napa County, CA has shown great results. Regardless of the cause of the vestibular disorder or the age and condition of the patient, vestibular rehabilitation therapy appears to have positive results and can result in recovery from the disorder. If patients perform the recommended exercises several times each day, these facilitate recovery from the disorder.

Recovery factors

While VRT offers a good track record of results, there are several factors that can affect treatment and outcomes:

  • Medications: Using medications ,such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants and vestibular suppressants, typically increases the length of therapy required to improve vestibular disorder symptoms.
  • Activity: People who avoid movements and positioning that cause vertigo tend to have a longer recovery time.
  • Stage of intervention: The earlier that patients begin VRT exercises, the quicker they experience relief. However, there does not seem to be a critical time period during which therapy must begin in order to achieve results.
  • Daily exercises: If exercises are done regularly and as prescribed, results are better. However, even brief periods of proper movement can help with recovery from vestibular disorder.
  • Age: While a person’s age does not seem to affect the final outcome of therapy, older adults may require more time to achieve the full benefits.
  • Mental health: Conditions such as anxiety and depression or physical dependence on medication may inhibit the effects of vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Napa County, CA.

Is VRT right for you?

If you are suffering from vestibular disorder, contact your local experts who specialize in vestibular rehabilitation therapy in Napa County, CA to find out what options are available to you. Reach out to the team at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. We are licensed physical therapists offering a whole-person approach to wellness. Our services include VRT, sports injury recovery, post-surgical rehabilitation, aging issues, women’s and men’s health, cancer symptoms and more. Contact us today at 707-942-3927.

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