Vestibular Disorder Basics

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Have a question about vestibular disorder? Use the following FAQ to learn all about vestibular disorder basics in Napa County, CA and to find the information you need.

What is vestibular disorder?

This condition is an inner ear disorder. The sensors, bone, cartilage, canals and fluid of the ear make up the vestibular system. When this system does not function properly, you may suffer from vestibular disorder.

What causes vestibular disorder?

This condition may be caused by a variety of factors. Common causes include medicine, poor circulation in the ear, infections, traumatic brain injury and calcium debris in the ear canals.

What are the symptoms of vestibular disorder?

The main symptom of vestibular disorder is dizziness or feeling off balance. You may feel like the world is spinning or that you are floating. This disorientation can also cause stumbling or falling as well as blurred vision. In some cases, the dizziness can also cause nausea and vomiting, and some people experience diarrhea and changes in heart rhythm.

What kind of specialist/treatment do I need for vestibular disorder?

If you suspect that you have vestibular disorder, you can seek the help of a specialist to provide vestibular rehabilitation therapy. These experts will review your symptoms and work with you to manage the disorder.

What is vestibular rehabilitation therapy?

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized type of physical therapy. The therapist works with you to perform certain movements that retrain the central nervous system to adjust to the dysfunction of your vestibular system. This therapy decreases symptoms, so you feel less dizzy.

Can I just do some exercises at home?

While a therapist may suggest specific exercises that you should do at home, it is not recommended that you try at-home therapy without first consulting a professional. Not all cases of vestibular disorder are the same, so not all treatments will work for you. Some may even do harm. Your VRT expert will be able to recommend the treatment plan that will help you best.

Are there any medications I should take?

Medication is not a good long-term solution for vestibular disorder. However, for cases of extreme dizziness, treatment providers may prescribe the use of medication to get the symptoms under control. The specific medication you should take depends on a variety of factors concerning your diagnosis and your medical history. Always consult with a medical professional who specializes in vestibular disorders to determine which medications, if any, would be best to treat your disorder.

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