An Overview of Muscle Energy Technique

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If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably reading this article while hunched over your phone or laptop. Not only is that bad for your posture, but it can also cause serious pain over time. Are you familiar with muscle energy technique (MET) in Napa County, CA? This is a manual therapy that uses muscle contractions to help relax and improve their joint motion. MET can help with muscle spasms and other related issues. If you’ve been struggling with spasms, joint pain and more, read on. MET might be the right physical therapy technique to get your body back on track.

What is muscle energy technique?

Muscle energy technique was developed in 1948. At its most essential form, this manipulation therapy uses the muscles’ natural contractions to help release corresponding muscle tension.

MET is an “active” technique where the patient is also a participant. It’s based on the principle of reciprocal inhibition, which basically states that when muscles on one side of the joint contract, the muscles on the other side will naturally and automatically relax. A patient might contract their muscles for about five seconds at the direction of their physical therapist. The physical therapist usually applies resistant force to help the process along. This is repeated about three to five times in the hope that the muscles will lengthen each time.

MET’s main principle is that if a joint’s not being used properly or frequently enough, the muscles surrounding it and its function will suffer. You’ll no longer be able to move the joint in the same way you used to, which can be a devastating blow for anyone who considers themselves active.

There are two different kinds of MET: post-isometric relaxation, in which a therapist manually stretches your muscles after a contraction, and reciprocal inhibition, in which the patient performs a muscle contraction against resistance. This relaxes the related muscles.

Athletes use MET to enhance their performance, but anyone can benefit from this physical therapy technique. If you’re interested in finding out how it can help you, be sure to talk to your physical therapist about MET.

What is MET good for?

MET is great for people who have muscle spasms. When your muscles spasm, they typically shorten. It can also affect your ligaments and tendons, which makes it extremely difficult to function properly. MET uses “gentle isometric contractions to relax the muscles via autogenic or reciprocal inhibition and lengthen the muscle.”

This technique is also great for people who suffer from uneven limbs, joint issues or chronic muscle pain, injury and more. If you have any of these issues, talk to your physical therapist about trying MET. It can completely restore your joint function.

If you suffer from muscle spasms and related issues, muscle energy technique is a great way to fix the problem in Napa County, CA. Working with a skilled physical therapist can help you regain function or prevent its loss. Reach out to Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy to schedule your next appointment.

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