How Physical Therapy Helps Patient Recovery

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After you’ve sustained an injury or undergone surgery, it’s likely your doctor will prescribe physical therapy as part of your recovery regimen. If you have never participated in a physical therapy program before, you might be wondering what to expect, and how physical therapy can help your recovery in Napa County, CA.

There’s a wide variety of benefits associated with physical therapy for certain types of patients. This type of care has also become more approachable and accessible over the years.

Here are just a few reasons why physical therapy is an important part of your recovery.

Science-backed recovery and stimulation

The old prevailing wisdom with recovery from injuries or surgery was that you should simply lay down and rest for an extended period of time and allow your body to heal itself.

However, medical research over the years has shown the benefits of stimulating muscles and other parts of the body during recovery. While a good amount and certain type of rest is still important, physical therapy is also crucial for increasing strength and mobility to allow you to get a faster return to a healthy state. Without the physical therapy component of recovery, you may find it difficult to overcome stiffness and soreness that would develop from extended periods of inactivity from resting during your recovery.

Regaining your abilities and capacities

It’s very common for people to feel weak after an injury or a surgical procedure. Physical therapy helps you to restore your body’s performance and lays the groundwork for you to even improve on it moving forward. Depending on the type of surgery you underwent or injury you sustained, you might work on building muscle around the weakened area, improving your flexibility or mobility or even starting small, such as being able to walk again without pain, or being able to bend over to pick up an object. The ultimate purpose (and primary benefit) of physical therapy is restoring your ability to perform your regular activities and remove physical restrictions from your everyday life.

Reduced risk of reinjury or worsening symptoms

Physical therapy provides you with targeted activity and exercise to help you avoid over-stressing your body during a period of weakness. You’ll be able to rebuild your strength and mobility in such a way that you can significantly reduce your risk of reinjury or worsening your existing injury.

If you were to simply attempt to create your own “recovery” schedule, you would be much more likely to hurt yourself once again, or at the very least would experience worse results in your recovery process.

Physical therapy is a great option for patients who have experienced a wide range of injuries and illnesses. It is increasingly recommended by doctors and more widely available than ever before for patients of all types in both urban and suburban areas. For more information about the various benefits associated with physical therapy and how physical therapy reduces further injury risk in Napa County, CA, contact Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy today.

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