Why a Knee Scooter Can Help with Recovery from Ankle Injuries

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Injuries can happen, and sometimes you might even feel a little silly about how they occur. Slipping in the kitchen or just missing a step that you’ve stepped on a million times can all contribute to the aches and pains of injuries that occur every day. Physical therapy with a team that’s been in business for over a decade is going to be a big help, but you also want to have an understanding of the equipment that might help speed up the healing process.

Knee scooters in Napa County, CA are an increasingly popular option for people with leg injuries, for example, and for a number of reasons.

Speedier than crutches

Most people have been on crutches at some point in their lives while undergoing ankle injury recovery in Napa County, CA. You likely know that these devices are exhausting and time-consuming. You are thoroughly worn out at the end of the day from the amount of effort required to propel yourself using your arms and just one leg, so alternatives should be explored when possible. Knee scooters in Napa County, CA give you the chance to speed along in a position that’s much more low-impact while also helping you conserve your energy and stamina.

Higher degree of comfort

While there is no more comfortable position during foot injury recovery in Napa County, CA than remaining seated in a wheelchair, this is not always feasible. Wheelchairs are bulky and expensive, and many people simply don’t like the idea of being in one. They can also require a lot of effort, just like crutches.

Exploring knee scooters in Napa County, CA might be the option that combines the best of all worlds. You’re getting the comfort and speed of a wheelchair while getting the mobility that crutches can afford to you. Plus, you’re reducing the risk of reinjury that can occur when you use crutches—all it takes is to put one foot down wrong and you can hurt yourself all over again, setting back the timetable on your recovery.


Knee scooters in Napa County, CA give you the chance to get into spaces that wheelchairs can’t, so they give you more of the freedom of movement that you’ve become accustomed to. Furthermore, they require less effort to move around than with crutches, so a knee scooter can really bring you pretty close to your normal mobility routine when you’re in recovery from an acute or chronic injury.

Knee scooters are a popular option for injury recovery that many people might not even have been aware of until recently. By now you’ve likely seen people zipping around on them and wondered if they’re really that good for their intended purpose. We can tell you that they certainly are an effective choice, and that it’s also best to talk over all of your equipment options with qualified professionals like the team you’ll meet at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. Working with our physical therapists means you can rest assured you’re in the best possible hands as you get back to peak condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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