Preventing Surgery with Physical Therapy: Early Intervention Works!

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People go to physical therapists for all sorts of reasons, but the most common is to relieve physical pain caused by falls, accidents and other injuries. In addition to helping with pain relief, physical therapy can actually reverse some conditions, and may even stop them from progressing to the point where there’s no need for surgery. This is great news for patients who are not too keen on surgery—the majority of surgeries are not cheap and are oftentimes uncomfortable, not to mention that long recovery periods can be inconvenient. While physical therapy may eliminate the need for surgery in some cases, it’s best to seek a professional evaluation first.

Let’s find out how early medical intervention and physical therapy is preventing surgery in patients.

PT reduces inflammation

Inflammation, which is when the tissue surrounding the hurt joint gets red and swollen, is one of the most common reactions following many kinds of injuries. Whether major or minor, inflammation can affect the tendons or muscles which is often the cause of pain and mobility issues. A doctor can prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication, but long-term use of these drugs is not recommended and can wreak havoc on the stomach. If inflammation is not dealt with properly, there won’t be enough space in the joint cavity to accommodate all the swelling, and you may end up with tears and other injuries.

Physical therapists use special equipment and techniques to reduce inflammation. This can relieve pain, improve mobility and help you avoid surgery now and in the future.

PT manages back pain

A high number of Americans suffer from upper, lower and/or middle back pain. Some people have had this kind of pain for years, brought about by daily sitting and hunching or frequent physical activity that is hard on the body. The truth is that back pain can significantly impact your quality of life. The back is the central hub for nearly every movement the body makes, from the neck to the shoulders to the arms and legs and all ligaments.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical option to fix or manage severe back pain—or want to avoid using pain medication for the long term—then physical therapy may be for you. Using their skills and specialized equipment, a physical therapist can stretch muscles and tendons to reduce inflammation and improve mobility over time.

PT treats sprains and strains

Strains and sprains, which are very common in athletes, can really hurt. These types of injuries need to be looked at by a doctor to rule out more serious issues, and they can recommend which course of action you should take, be it home care or visiting a physical therapist. Many sprains and strains can benefit greatly from early intervention by a physical therapist. These professionals can manage and treat such injuries using non-surgical techniques, preventing the need for surgery in the future.

For more information about preventing surgery with physical therapy in Napa County, CA, you’re encouraged to reach out to the team at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. Contact us with any questions or concerns!

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