What Do I Need to Consider When Finding a Physical Therapist?

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For many people, physical therapy is a medically necessary practice that can help them recover from an accident or illness. Even if physical therapy isn’t medically necessary in your case, it can help you prepare for a physically strenuous event, or improve your stamina and tolerance when it comes to making it through the day.

Choosing the right physical therapist to meet your needs, however, is often a challenge. Many physical therapists exercise slightly different approaches to patient care, meaning that you might experience a range of different therapy types before you find a physical therapist that most adequately meets your needs.

Identifying the best possible provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation in Napa County, CA is often a long, painstaking process. Finding the right physical therapist for your specific set of needs, however, is ultimately key to the success of your treatment. With that in mind, here are several things you can do to ensure that you’re working with the best possible physical therapist for you:

  • Consider their experience and education: Physical therapists certified in years past frequently received either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Several years ago, however, educational standards tightened, and now the vast majority of therapists hold doctorates of physical therapy (DPT). These degrees require more time and experience than bachelor’s and master’s programs.
  • Evaluate their post-degree education: The best physical therapists are always learning. That’s why you should look to receive therapy from a therapist who’s received a significant amount of post-degree education. Many therapists will specialize in a certain type of practice after school. Talk to your prospective therapist about the approach they’ve studied and emphasized.
  • Take a look at their therapy program: After your first appointment with a physical therapist, they should show you a therapy program that’s designed to help you improve your health outcomes. Take a long, careful look at this program—does it seem realistic to you? Does it address a wide range of your health concerns? If not, you might want a second opinion.
  • Think about their interactions with you: Working with a physical therapist is a deeply intimate experience. Are you comfortable with your physical therapist? Do you enjoy your interactions with them? If you don’t love the time you’re spending with your physical therapist, it might be time to look for treatment elsewhere.

Since 2008, Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy has been a premier provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation in Napa County, CA. We are licensed physical therapists specializing in integrative manual therapy (IMT). Whether you’re recovering from an injury or illness or are simply looking for ways to improve your quality of life, Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy possesses the skills and expertise necessary to help you enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

To learn more about our unique approach to physical therapy or to set up a consultation, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today. We’ll work with you to outline a physical therapy plan that meets your specific needs.

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