The Healing Power of Electrical Stimulation

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For those suffering from the effects of musculoskeletal injuries, it may seem that no long-term relief is in sight. Sure, you can take medications to manage the pain, but the threat of dependence and addiction is real—along with potentially dangerous side effects. You may have tried several other strategies to heal the injury, but nothing so far has worked.

One technique that you may want to try at a physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA is electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Read on to find out more about this safe and effective way to experience less discomfort while restoring muscle tone.

How does it work?

The first question many patients have is: what exactly is electrical stimulation? EMS is a technique that utilizes equipment—neurostimulation electrodes—that attach to the skin and transmit currents of electricity to targeted muscle groups. The unit has a timer along with sensory knobs to customize the electrical current to the patient’s specifications. The goal is to reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process of injured or damaged soft tissue.

How will EMS feel?

Sometimes patients have reported that they feel a pins-and-needles sensation, like when a part of the body “falls asleep.” Typically, this only lasts during the treatment itself and for less than half an hour afterwards. While this may be a unique sensation, it’s important to remember that EMS is a tested and safe physical therapy technique.

How can EMS help me?

Patients have reported a number of positive health outcomes from this type of treatment. The primary goal is to reduce joint pain and swelling. Other benefits include stimulating muscles to reduce loss of muscle tissue, reducing stress and discomfort and improving blood flow. You may experience a better range of motion for any affected muscle groups or tendons.

What’s the role of EMS in my treatment plan?

For many patients, EMS is best paired with a physical therapy plan, spinal realignment, massage and other therapies. Discussing all the options with a medical professional is the best way to go forward with rehabilitating from any injury. With a bit of commitment and patience, it’s possible to be on the road to recovery and back living the life you want.

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