How Hot and Cold Therapy May Help You

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Chances are, someone has told you to put ice on an injury directly after it occurred. In reality, this is actually great advice. Ice compacts or cold packs are extremely valuable tools that are perfectly suited for calming inflamed tissue and muscles and alleviating pain and swelling. Heat is another powerful tool that holistic healthcare providers can use to promote healing and reduce pain and swelling, particularly among patients suffering from chronic pain.

Using heat and cold together in coordination is called contrast therapy. If you believe that contrast therapy is right for you, you should consult with an injury doctor in Napa County, CA. They will be able to help provide you with a better sense of a contrast therapy treatment schedule that suits the needs of your injury or chronic pain, and provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to take charge of your healthcare.

Here are just a few facts to keep in mind regarding hot and cold therapy that you should consider before seeking any type of medical treatment:

  • Cold therapy alleviates swelling: The most immediate benefit of cold therapy is that it’s especially useful for alleviating swelling and reducing pain. Cold therapy is often applied directly after an injury occurs. The cold causes blood vessels to contract, resulting in a reduced flow and less oxygen flowing through the muscle and affected tissue.
  • Cold therapy numbs and speeds healing: Cold therapy also results in numbing, which is especially beneficial directly after an injury occurs. Numbing is essential for patients who are experiencing tremendous amounts of pain. Cold therapy speeds up healing by dispelling dead blood cells from the region, as well.
  • Heat therapy encourages stretching and flexibility: Heat therapy, meanwhile, results in more flexibility in the targeted area. This can help stave off muscle tearing and other, more serious conditions. It also reduces stiffness in the muscle, which can help the muscle dispel toxins and other problematic things.
  • Heat therapy improves blood and oxygen flow: Heat therapy also improves the flow of blood and oxygen through the muscle. This promotes faster healing, and helps the muscle to repair itself. A strong blood flow is essential to the health of the muscle, and to its ability to repair damage.

Used in conjunction with each other, the unique benefits of both hot and cold therapy can help improve healing, and reduce pain and swelling caused by injuries. Regardless of whether you have a temporary injury or suffer from chronic pain, contrast therapy may be right for you.

For more than a decade, Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy has been a highly trusted injury doctor in Napa County, CA. We’re proud to provide our patients with a holistic approach to sports medicine and medicine in general that accounts for the needs of their entire body. To learn more about Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, and to determine if our holistic approach to healthcare is right for you, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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