Types of Sports Injuries and How Sports Physical Therapy in Napa County, CA Can Help

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Have you ever suffered a sports injury? These mishaps can vary from minor inconveniences to major harm. You might be put off the field for a day, or you might have to give up a sport for life. Often, sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA can make a huge difference in this final outcome.

How can it make such an impact? Your injury doctor in Napa County, CA offers the following overview of injuries to help you understand this topic.

Types of Injuries

It’s important to understand that not all injuries are classified the same. There are three basic types of injuries:

  • Chronic: This is an injury that lasts three months or longer.
  • Overuse: This is an injury that is caused over time. As the body part is used again and again in a strenuous manner, the person starts to experience ongoing discomfort. Examples include shin splints and swimmer’s shoulder.
  • Acute: An acute injury is caused by a one-time traumatic event. It lasts less than five days. Examples include dislocations and fractures.

Specific Injuries

Some of the most common injuries that can benefit from sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA include:

  • Strains: These pulls are caused by over-stretching or tearing of the muscle or tendon.
  • Sprains: This injury is caused by an over-stretching or tearing of the ligament or joint capsule.
  • Tears: When the tissue fibers completely separate, a tear occurs.
  • Contusions: When capillaries are broken, local bleeding occurs. This injury to tissue or bone is called a contusion, or bruise.

Causes of Injuries

How do athletes typically injure themselves? Usually, injury doctors in Napa County, CA see patients for one of the following reasons:

  • A catastrophic event: This may happen on or off the field.
  • Anatomic issues: The athlete may experience anatomic or biomechanical problems.
  • Improper technique: Athletes can suffer injury by using improper training methods and sports techniques.

Injury Prevention Tips

Many injuries are quite easily prevented. While sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA can offer a great solution to your injury to help you get back on the field faster, the best solution is to avoid the injury in the first place. To help protect your body from injury:

  • Take a break: Rest one or two days each week from your regular sports or exercise activities.
  • Stretch: Include a proper warmup and cool-down routine every time you engage in activity.
  • Refocus: During the offseason, focus on cross-training or strength training.
  • Look for red flags: Watch for signs of burnout, which include pain after an activity or while you are at rest.

Injury Experts

If you have experienced an injury, one of the best things you can do is consult an injury doctor in Napa County, CA. This professional can advise you about the best sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA for your specific needs. For industry-leading experts, visit Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. Our licensed specialists offer a whole-person approach to wellness. Our services include sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, aging issues, women’s and men’s health, cancer symptoms, and more. Additionally, we stock foam rollers, health supplements, gym balls and other accessories in the clinic. Come see us for the help you need!

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