How Vestibular Therapy Can Help with Vertigo

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You’re experiencing dizziness when you lay down. You find yourself holding onto objects while you walk to keep yourself steady. When you change positions, the room starts to tilt. These are common signs of vertigo. If you are experiencing this condition, physical therapy in Napa County, CA could provide relief.

If you aren’t familiar with the various techniques of physiotherapy in Napa County, CA, it’s likely you don’t know about vestibular therapy. Following is the FAQ on this topic to educate yourself on this process.

What is vestibular therapy?

The term “vestibular” means “that relating to the inner ear and the sense of balance.” Vestibular therapy uses treatments to reduce dizziness and vertigo.

What are common vestibular issues?

People experience a variety of vestibular issues. Common diagnoses include:

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo: This condition occurs when the tiny crystals that are present in the ear move out of place. The result is a false sense of full movement when you move only your head.
  • Vestibular neuritis: This is an inflammation in the inner ear. It is usually caused by an infection such as a cold or flu.
  • Vestibular migraine: This dizziness occurs when there is a change in blood flow to the brain. It can be caused by lack of sleep, weather changes, stress and hormones.
  • Meniere’s disease: This condition involves a periodic increase in fluid and pressure in the inner ear. It causes damage to the hearing structures and affects balance. It often causes hearing loss or tinnitus.
  • Concussion: A concussion is the result of hitting your head very hard. Common causes include car accidents, falls and sports injuries. A concussion may include damage to the central brain structures that control vestibular processes, which causes dizziness.

What treatments are used for vestibular therapy?

This method of physiotherapy in Napa County, CA typically involves three main techniques. Repositioning maneuvers are used to reset the positioning of ear crystals and restore balance. Eye and head movements are used to improve the brain’s processing of vestibular information. This physical therapy in Napa County, CA also includes balance training, to increase the patient’s ability to react to movement in a safe manner.

Who can provide vestibular therapy?

Any time you seek physical therapy in Napa County, CA, you should only work with professionals who are licensed. Look for those who are specially trained in the proper physiotherapy in Napa County, CA to meet your needs. Find a provider with an established reputation and the appropriate credentials to ensure you receive top-quality care.

Experience Relief

Are you suffering from vertigo issues? If you need vestibular therapy, contact the professionals at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. We are licensed physical therapists specializing in integrative manual therapy (IMT) and offer a whole-person approach to wellness. We treat the whole body and not just the symptom. Our services include a full range of treatment options to provide relief for a variety of vestibular health conditions. Additionally, we stock foam rollers, health supplements, gym balls and other accessories in the clinic. We are here to help people of all ages, from babies to seniors!

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