How You Might React to Physical Therapy in Napa County, CA

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Whether you’re dealing with a sports injury or a chronic pain issue, you might turn to physical therapy in Napa County, CA to hasten the healing process and regain some of your mobility, strength, flexibility and, ultimately, quality of life. While physical therapy is an excellent treatment option that allows many patients to avoid surgical intervention and pain medication altogether, it comes with its own set of side effects. Physical therapy patients generally report side effects that are far less frequent and less severe than those accompanying medication or surgical procedures, but it’s still important that you know what’s normal when you start a new treatment regimen:

  • Swelling: Swelling is an accumulation of fluid in your body’s tissues that can be brought on by a variety of factors. Physical therapy patients often notice some swelling when they start treatment as a result of the stress put on their ligaments, tendons and muscles. You might have some pain associated with this swelling, but it won’t last forever, and it’s a sign that your therapy is working to increase your strength. You can use ice packs and heating pads to help reduce this swelling and minimize pain.
  • Pain: When you seek physical therapy in Napa County, CA for pain alleviation, you might not expect that your pain symptoms might get worse before they get better. As you challenge your body during physical therapy sessions, you might notice that your pain seems to increase. The good news is that this temporary increase in pain won’t last for the long term, and the best thing you can do is be consistent with your treatment and follow the advice of your physical therapist. During your session, talk to your physical therapist about your pain and ask for recommendations to address your symptoms.
  • Plateau in progress: There’s nothing quite as discouraging as reaching a plateau in your progress. All of the sudden, the exercises and treatments that seemed to be accelerating your rehabilitation have become completely ineffective, and your progress has come to a halt. Nobody wants to lose their momentum during treatment, but it’s a normal part of any kind of rehabilitation. Try to focus on all of the great progress you’ve made and stick with your treatment plan. Soon enough, you’ll be back on track to meet your goals.
  • Emotion and stress: Physical therapy puts such a strong emphasis on physical factors that you might find yourself blindsided by the emotional and psychological responses that treatment often brings on. All of the work that you do during physical therapy treatment, not to mention the physical side effects and the time you have to take out of your schedule for appointments, can be emotionally draining and mentally taxing. Talk to your therapist about these things, and make sure to remember that those negative feelings are simply a part of your rehabilitation journey.

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