Tips for Finding the Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Napa County, CA

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Whether you suffer from chronic pain, a sports-related injury, aging issues, post-surgical pain or any other physical ailment, you’ll likely want to turn to a physical therapist for help in mitigating pain and strengthening your joints and muscles once again. Physical therapy has been known to significantly improve patients’ wellbeing and recovery from injury.

However, choosing the best physical therapist for you can be challenging, particularly if you plan on working with them for an extended period of time. Your body and personal wellbeing should only be trusted with the best possible physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA.

When you’re searching for a quality physical therapist, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind and some questions to ask. It’s important to do your research and not take this decision lightly—choosing the wrong clinic could mean the difference between full recovery and additional pain.

The first steps

When you first begin your search for a physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ask family and friends: Very little is better than getting a glowing personal recommendation for a physical therapist from a close friend or family member. Ask the people in your life for recommendations and take their opinions into account.
  • Check with your general physician: If you need more help identifying a PT or a specialist, ask you general physician. Bear in mind that some physicians will recommend clinics that are in-house or with whom they have a profitable relationship, so always keep your options open.
  • Search online: If you still can’t find a clinic, look on online databases such as Find a PT through the American Physical Therapy Association to find a reputable physical therapist in your area.
  • Read online reviews: When you have a short list of potential physical therapists, head to their websites to check them out and read online reviews of the business to see what other people have to say. If the reviews are less than favorable, you might want to stay away.
  • Ensure the PT is trained and certified: Check to make sure the physical therapist you’d be seeing is fully trained and certified to practice. If they are not licensed in physical therapy, find someone else who is.

Questions to ask your potential PT

If you find one or two physical therapy clinics you like, call the business and ask to meet with them and ask them a few questions:

  • Number of patients per hour: Ask your potential PT how many patients they see in an hour. If they cram more than one or two into each hour, you probably won’t be getting a lot of one-on-one attention.
  • If they accept your insurance: Verify that the clinic is covered by your insurance plan and understand how many visits or what co-pays you are responsible for before going in to your first appointment to avoid being surprised by a large bill.
  • Services and equipment offered: Ask the clinic about the types of services they do; do they specialize in a particular area of physical therapy, and will their services be able to help your ailment? Also see what kinds of equipment they use to ensure they’re able to meet your needs.
  • Your comfort level: This isn’t a question, but make sure you feel comfortable speaking and working with your physical therapist. This person will be working with you individually to promote healing, so you want to be sure you trust them, feel comfortable and can effectively communicate with them.

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