How Physical Therapy Can Benefit CrossFit Athletes

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CrossFit athletes do high-intensity workouts multiple times a week as a fun form of group exercise. These athletes are usually extremely dedicated to CrossFit and are focused on improving their strength and cardiovascular fitness through constantly varied functional movements.

Many physical therapists warn athletes about the dangers of CrossFit; if the sometimes-complex motions are done incorrectly or at too high of an intensity, athletes put themselves at high risk of injury. Fortunately, some physical therapists like the team at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy understand there is an important relationship to be built between CrossFit athletes and sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA. Many CrossFitters can benefit from routinely working through physical therapy appointments.

The importance of physical therapy for CrossFit athletes

Physical therapy isn’t only important when athletes get injured and can’t work out at all. By attending regular physical therapy appointments, CrossFit athletes can identify underlying weaknesses, increase their range of motion and mobility, mitigate existing pain and learn more about the tools that can help them prevent workout-related injuries:

  • Treat existing pain: In the CrossFit community, some athletes push through their pain under the impression, “no pain, no gain.” This is an incorrect way to think about the health of your body. If you suffer from joint, muscle or other pain, visiting a physical therapist can help you work through and mitigate that pain and provide with you the tools to prevent that pain in the future through stretches and other exercises, getting you back in the box to work out properly as soon as possible.
  • Identify weaknesses: One of the most common causes of injury in CrossFit is the breakdown of the body due to underlying weaknesses and compensation. You may have a weakness in your ankle, but the body compensates for that by putting extra pressure on your back, letting you complete your movements anyway. Although this may seem fine in the short term, compensation causes your body to break down if weaknesses go undetected. Sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA can help you identify those weaknesses and strengthen them so you can complete your workouts with accurate form.
  • Work on mobility: Mobility and stability are two of the most important parts of CrossFit. The overhead squat, a common CrossFit exercise, requires mobility in your hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and spine. If one part of your body lacks adequate mobility, your physical therapist can help you work on range of motion (ROM) exercises to bring it up to speed.

Visit our physical therapists at a local CrossFit box in Napa, CA

The physical therapists at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy are now offering physical therapy sessions at a local CrossFit Affiliate in Napa, CA. CrossFit Athletes can visit us at FRANCO FITNESS 100Proof CrossFit to seek treatment in 20, 40 or 60 minutes sessions designed specifically for CrossFit athletes and their physical therapy needs.

If you are in need of a physical therapist who can help you rehabilitate from a CrossFit injury or improve your mobility or strength, call Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy. We have years of experience in post-surgical rehabilitation, aging issues, women’s and men’s health, cancer symptoms and sports physical therapy in Napa County, CA. We also have a wellness and fitness center to help people of all ages attain their desired physical wellness. Call us today!

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