Healthy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas from a Physical Therapy Clinic in Napa County, CA

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Red hearts are everywhere, humungous boxes of chocolate fill the shelves at every store and even the corner gas station is selling roses, which all can only mean one thing—Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you haven’t started planning your date night with your significant other yet, you still have time. But can we make a few suggestions? While a giant box of chocolate, followed by a five course dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant and finished with a bottle of wine and your favorite romantic film are not bad ideas, how about showing how much you really care by coming up with a healthy date idea for this Valentine’s Day?

We know—healthy may not seem like an obvious romantic gesture. But what better way to show your love for someone than showing that you care about their health? At our physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA, we take a whole-body approach to wellness, which means taking every day steps for a healthier lifestyle, including your love life! So if you’re on board with this whole “healthy Valentine’s Day” thing but don’t know where to start, here are three healthy date ideas that you can try:

  • Make dinner at home: Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do for a loved one is surprise them with something you made with your own hands, like a delicious healthy meal. Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday this year, so just imagine your significant other coming home from a long day at work to a fancy home-cooked meal you made yourself. Healthy, homemade and from the heart—definite winner there!
  • Take a bike tour: Even though bike routes and tours are most popular during the summer months or fall, winter is still a great time to enjoy Napa County on two wheels. You can plan your own route with a few fun stops along the way or take one of the many pre-planned bike tours in the area. Whichever option you decide to take, we bet that you and your significant other will have a fun, romantic date and burn a few calories while you’re at it.
  • Get a massage: If you really want to spend the day relaxing and indulging without diving spoon first into a molten lava cake, scheduling a couple’s massage may be the best option for you. Whether you choose to go to one of the many luxury resorts in Napa County or choose a more remote spa at a bed and breakfast, you’ll find that a massage is the perfect way to unwind, relax and reconnect with your significant other.

Whether you choose to make a healthy dinner at home, get outside for a bike ride or indulge in a relaxing massage, we’re sure that you and your significant other will enjoy the time together and appreciate that you chose to show your love by doing something healthy this year. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy clinic in Napa County, CA!

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