Five Ways to Stay Active During the Fall Months

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It’s important to remember that being active all year round is crucial to staying happy and healthy. Moving around gets your blood circulating and moderate to strenuous exercise stretches all the muscles in your body, while remaining sedentary can open up your immune system to negative effects, like illness or putting your brain and body in a weakened state.

But what about when the weather changes from warmer to colder temperatures? A lot of people will decide to stay indoors this fall, not getting enough exercise to boost their health, which can lead to physical and emotional issues. Luckily, there are all sorts of things you can do during this cooler season maintain your and your family’s activity levels.

It’s time to fall into fitness! Below, a health and wellness center in Napa County, CA shares five ways to stay active during the fall months:

  • Prepare the yard for fall: If you have a yard, then you will want to prepare it for the cooler fall months. Basic yard work keeps you active and gets you outside into nature—think raking leaves, pruning trees, turning compost piles and cleaning patio furniture for cold weather storage. While yard work may not be fun, it’s a fantastic way to get your daily dose of exercise. So, get raking and trimming!
  • Do some house cleaning: An easy way to stay active this fall is to clean the inside of your house. Rainy days offers an especially great time to do some fall house cleaning, since you can’t go outside anyway. Spread out your tougher cleaning needs throughout the season—such as deep cleaning each room, de-cluttering the closets and wiping glass windows clean. Other to-dos that get your body moving include checking and replacing old weather stripping around doors and windows, and sweeping out the chimney.
  • Go on a nature hike: When the weather is nice, yet cool, you can go on an outdoor adventure in the form of a hike. Along with getting some exercise, it’s been proven that nature is a form of healing therapy; just make sure to be mindful of the beauty around you—the leaves changing colors, the scent of fresh air, the sounds of streams and animals.
  • Plan an apple or pumpkin picking adventure: Fall is apple and pumpkin picking time! From walking to reaching and bending, what a great opportunity to get the whole family to break a sweat, all while enjoying each other’s company.
  • Walk around local farmers markets: As long as the weather holds up, you can still shop at your local farmers market during the fall season. Get your exercise in by walking around the entire market and carrying your purchases.

Schedule a time to talk with your local health and wellness center in Napa County, CA to learn more about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. At Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, we have certified physical therapists and nutritional therapists on staff to help you improve your life and wellbeing. Contact us this fall or anytime to learn more!

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