Three Ways Athletes Can Benefit from Physical Therapy in Napa County, CA

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Both amateur and professional athletes know that intense, repetitive training can take quite the toll on your body. Over time, even seemingly normal movements can result in a serious injury. The injury might be a one-time chance occurrence, or the result of years of overuse. For a marathon runner, this could mean tearing a tendon while on a seemingly short run, while a weight lifter might experience pain in their lower back from attempting to set a new personal record with a too-heavy weight.

An injury can put you on the sidelines for months as you attempt to recover. On the other hand, ignoring the pain can lead to a lifelong problem. Luckily, physical therapy can help you recover quickly and safely from a sports-related injury. Read on to learn more about three ways athletes can benefit from professional physical therapy in Napa County, CA:

  • Quicker recovery: As an athlete, you know that unnecessary downtime due to an injury can result in damage that isn’t just physical. Your progress and any goals you are working toward could take a major hit. Sports physical therapy will help keep the muscles active without causing any additional damage to the injured area. You just focus on the healing, while the physical therapist does the rest. This way, you will be back to practice in practically no time.
  • Recover fully: Attempting to manage your own recovery following a surgery or a major injury can be tricky—and possibly even dangerous. Resuming training too quickly after the traumatic event can end up causing additional damage, as you are putting strain on the affected area before it is fully ready. Physical therapy takes a proactive approach to help you resume your normal training as quickly and as safely as possible. Your therapist will develop a plan to help you return to your normal habits without running the risk of re-aggravating the injury.
  • Prevent injuries: Did you know that regular physical therapy can also be used to prevent future injuries from occurring? A physical therapist will work with you to develop a treatment program specifically designed to strengthen your body with the goal of protecting it from injuries. By identifying your weaknesses, the treatment plan will work to improve these specific areas before they ever experience any major issues. Additionally, this information will also prepare you to take any necessary steps to keep the weak areas from sustaining injuries, such as wearing a knee brace if you’ve had a history of knee trouble.

An injury should not have to mean the end of your sports or fitness goals. By working with a professional physical therapist, you can develop a treatment plan to recover both quickly and safely from an injury. Contact Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy today to learn more about how physical therapy in Napa County, CA can help everyone from cyclists to baseball players and rock climbers improve their performance. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals while staying healthy!

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