Signs You Might Need Help from a Physical Therapy Clinic in Napa County, CA

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Sometimes injuries to your body will manifest themselves in obvious ways, but other times this manifestation might not be so obvious. Here are a few instances you may have experienced that could be an indication that you need to seek out care at a physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA.

Lingering pain

If you work out and participate in sports on a frequent basis, it is normal to have some light discomfort after exerting your body to the max in your workouts. However, if you do your normal resting-and-ice regimen and find that the pain is hanging around abnormally long afterwards, it could be a sign that something more serious is going on. Until the true source of the discomfort is addressed, this pain could continue to be a problem for you and could ultimately affect your performance. A visit to a physical therapist might be able to help prevent something small and manageable from becoming a major issue by identifying your symptoms as a microcosm of other posture or alignment issues that could be causing recurring pain.

Traumatic event

How often have you heard someone remark that they didn’t experience any initial or obvious pain after being in a car accident, only to start feeling the effects of the accident several days later? Even if you are seemingly fine, after traumatic experiences such as a car accident or slipping and falling in the bathtub, latent pain could become an issue for you. This type of pain is particularly difficult to deal with because physical indications of an issue like swelling or bruising could be absent. A visit to a physical therapist could eliminate or help alleviate some of the residual effects that occur as the result of specific events, and could potentially help prevent long-term damage to your body.

Need for preventative care

Just as you go to the doctor for a physical once a year even when you know you are in good health, the same can be done with a physical therapist. Oftentimes, the stresses of life can affect your body in ways that you might never notice unless they are pointed out by a professional. A preemptive visit to a physical therapist can help correct posture issues or overcompensation for other imbalances that you may be unaware of now, and therefore help you avoid major bone and tissue problems in the future.

If you know your body well, you will be able to recognize the signs that it is time to seek out the services of a physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA. Here at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, we are ready to help you with an integrated, whole person approach to your wellbeing. We not only work through the symptoms, but we also aim to help restore your body to its natural functioning state so that it can do a better job of healing itself in the future. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment so that we can help you feel like your normal self again.

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