All About Integrative Manual Therapy in Napa County, CA

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Physical therapy is a fairly common practice with a large number of practitioners, methods and specialties offered across the country. Some methods of physical therapy focus on a specific area of concern, while others take a look at the body as a whole when trying to achieve relief from pain, injury or illness. Integrative manual therapy (IMT) is a type of physical therapy that is commonly used to treat patients by taking the body as a whole into account. Rather than focusing on a specific joint discomfort or muscular pain, IMT assesses the condition of the entire body and uses a blend of physiotherapy, manual medicine, nutritional support and natural medicine to address physical ailments.

IMT techniques

Assessing issues through the use of IMT is a hands-on approach to patient diagnosis. A physical therapist using integrative manual therapy in Napa County, CA will begin by placing their hands on a patient and assessing the body’s natural rhythms and movements, such as the heartbeat. Instead of simply focusing on a specific pain or discomfort, IMT takes into account the entire body as a system that must be addressed holistically. Pains that affect specific parts of the body are viewed as being rooted in issues having to do with the system as a whole, and the focus is on treating the whole body to promote wellness rather than addressing individual symptoms. When diagnosing an issue through the use of IMT, patterns of pain, disability, dysfunction and illness are also taken into account.

Treating issues with IMT

Since IMT focuses on holistic wellness and physical treatment, cellular healing and tissue repair are emphasized and facilitated. There are several different aspects of overall wellness that are considered when treating a patient through the use of integrative manual therapy, including anatomical systems, physiological systems and psychological systems. Anatomical systems that are looked at include bone, nervous tissue, circulation, muscle and the gastrointestinal tract. IMT addresses physiological issues, as well, which can include things such as stress management and sleep cycles. Additionally, psychological factors can also be taken into account when assessing the overall wellness of the patient.

The treatment of anatomical, physiological and psychological ailments through the use of IMT involves aspects of physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as nutritional support, helpful dialogue and natural supplements and remedies. An integrative manual therapy practitioner will be able to help you focus on your health in a comprehensive way and allow you to find relief from the physical issues that you have been experiencing.

Learn more about integrative manual therapy in Napa County, CA

At Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, we specialize in using IMT techniques to give patients a comprehensive treatment for their physical concerns. Through one-on-one sessions with one of our certified physical therapists, we can assess the needs of your body and determine the best course of action to treat the root cause of your pain. No matter what your needs are or what concerns you may have, we would be happy to work with you to improve your physical wellbeing. Simply give us a call to find out more about the services that we provide and to set up an appointment.

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