Tips from a Physical Therapy Clinic in Napa County, CA to Help You Fall Asleep—and Stay Asleep

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There are so many people across the United States who suffer from insomnia and general sleeplessness. For these people, it is much easier said than done to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Many times these people actually do feel extremely physically tired—they’re just unable to shut off their minds and relax themselves enough to the point where they can fall asleep.

Here are a few tips from our physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA to help you fall asleep and stay asleep every night so you can get the amount of sleep you need to function optimally each day:

  • Establish a calming atmosphere: Chances are you are going to feel more stressed out if you have work in your room, if it is littered with dirty laundry or there are reminders of things you need to accomplish. Take a small amount of time whenever necessary to remove this clutter from your room to help make it a more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Make your bed: Straightened beds are simply much more appealing to look at and get into every night than a bed that’s simply a pile of blankets, sheets and pillows. There’s something soothing about getting into a bed with all the sheets and blankets tucked in.
  • Don’t engage in other activities in bed: Do not use your bed for using your computer, talking on the phone, eating, watching TV or other activities that could keep you up at night. Instead, reserve your bed for activities only associated with rest, relaxation and intimacy. Otherwise, you are tricking your mind into associating your bed with work or higher-energy activities.
  • Don’t work out late at night: Exercise in general is great for helping you to get the amount of sleep you need, but doing it right before you go to bed could actually keep you up later. The endorphins you work up basically pump you up and give you an excess of energy that takes a little while to wear off.
  • Avoid eating right before bed: This is especially true if you suffer from regular heartburn. The closer you eat to bedtime, the more likely you are to experience gastric distress while you are trying to fall asleep. Give yourself some time to digest before you hit the sack.
  • Keep your bedroom cool: Your body will relax a lot easier if the air temperature is on the cooler side. Somewhere between 64 and 68 degrees is usually the best bet for a sleeping temperature. You can crank the heat back up when you aren’t sleeping if you need to.
  • Read if you are having a hard time sleeping: If you have not fallen asleep after 20 minutes or so, get out of bed and find a comfortable chair or sofa where you can read until you are tired enough to fall asleep. Do not watch TV or do anything that requires your brain to work hard.

For more tips, contact Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy, your trusted physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA.

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