The Benefits of Restorative Yoga: Info from a Physical Therapy Clinic in Napa County, CA

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The health benefits of yoga have made it one of the most popular daily exercises in the United States. A specific form of yoga, restorative yoga, focuses on providing a healing, recuperative experience that is beneficial for people of all ages, but especially for elderly folks who might not have the same type of flexibility and mobility that younger people do.

With restorative yoga at a physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA, one relies on using props while holding poses to achieve an even deeper level of relaxation. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits that restorative yoga has to offer people of all ages:

  • Slowing down your life: Restorative yoga is the perfect chance to disconnect yourself from the stresses and never-ending insanity of everyday life. No matter how crazy your life is at the moment, you will be able to prepare your body and mind for meditation and heightened levels of awareness. Going through each pose gives you an opportunity to explore your body and mind at a tempo that simply feels natural and soothing.
  • Soothe the nervous system: By slowing and deepening your breathing, you enact the parasympathetic nervous system immediately. This instant activation helps you to fight back against the effects of the common fight-or-flight responses in your body that can be damaging to you in a number of ways. This calming of the nervous system sets the tone for your overall restorative yoga session.
  • Helps you achieve transcendence: Many similar forms of yoga are considered a warmup to longer, more in-depth periods of meditation. By practicing restorative yoga, you will get your body more used to achieving its optimal comfort zone for meditation, often leading to a transcendent experience of oneness within a universal consciousness. With every pose you hit and every breath you take, you feel yourself move deeper into this state.
  • Greater mindfulness: Restorative yoga can also be referred to as mindful yoga, as it truly encourages a greater mindfulness of yourself and your environment. Your thoughts, your physical sensations and the sounds around you can all take on an even greater significance while you are engaged in restorative yoga.
  • Nurturing feeling: It’s easy to become bogged down by insecurity, fear, and anxiety. People of all ages have their own different types of fears and insecurities that uniquely impact them. Restorative yoga helps you to escape these feelings, providing you with a safe zone in which you can reconnect with yourself. This time spent away from the cares of the world is truly nurturing and nourishing.
  • Relaxing to the body: By relaxing the mind, you relax the body as well. You can feel many of your aches and pains wash away as you enter deeper zones of meditation. A lot
    of the pain we feel is truly a “mind over body” sort of situation, and restorative yoga can help you block it out.

For more information about the benefits of restorative yoga, contact a physical therapy clinic in Napa County, CA. The team at Focus Forward Wellness & Physical Therapy looks forward to helping you!

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